To play Chalacyn music and sound effects, you will need these files in the appropriate directories for your MUD client. See the Clients page for clients we have successfully tested with the MUD Sound Protocol. You can choose to download all the sound folders at once ( or in smaller, separate zipped files. The folder names you direct your client to must be combat, extras, music, socials, spells in order to play. It is best to extract the files with relative paths enabled, as contains a subdirectory objver necessary for object specific social commands.

Download entire set, 1844K

Download, 284K

Download, 387K

Download, 370K

Download, 596K

Download, 203K

For GMUD users, this .gtp file includes all sounds for social actions, with included trigger settings. GMUD does not support MSP, therefore no combat or ambience sounds are included. You may, however, download the other wav sets above and create your own custom sound packs.

Download, 482K

Information about setting up your client to use these sounds can be found here or within the game using help sound.

For the customizers, all the possible MSP sound triggers Chalacyn Nights has are listed here by directory sets with relative events.