COMBAT\bash.wav Successful bash
COMBAT\breathe.wav Attack by breath weapon
COMBAT\critical.wav Critical hit
COMBAT\dodge.wav Dodge
COMBAT\fumble.wav Fumble weapon
COMBAT\grapple.wav Attempting to subdue
COMBAT\lunge.wav Missed attempt to subdue
COMBAT\struggle.wav Attempting to subdue
EXTRAS\alarm.wav Alarm trap triggered
EXTRAS\awardxp.wav Experience points awarded (quest/war)
EXTRAS\blade.wav Swinging blade trap triggered
EXTRAS\block.wav Falling block trap triggered
EXTRAS\chime.wav Bard instrument, chime
EXTRAS\close.wav Closing door
EXTRAS\converge.wav Psionicist converging
EXTRAS\cowbell.wav Bard instrument, cowbell
EXTRAS\cymbal.wav Bard instrument, cymbals
EXTRAS\darts.wav Darts trap triggered
EXTRAS\death.wav Player death
EXTRAS\diverge.wav Psionicist diverging
EXTRAS\drink.wav Drink potion
EXTRAS\drowning.wav Environmental drowning damage
EXTRAS\drum.wav Bard instrument, drum
EXTRAS\explode.wav Item explodes with too many imbues
EXTRAS\fall.wav Falling
EXTRAS\feed.wav Feeding potion to animal
EXTRAS\flute.wav Bard instrument, flute
EXTRAS\ghast.wav Bard instrument, special
EXTRAS\gold.wav Gaining or losing gold
EXTRAS\harp.wav Bard instrument, harp
EXTRAS\heat.wav Environmental fire damage
EXTRAS\identify.wav Successful bard identify
EXTRAS\imbue.wav Successful cleric imbue
EXTRAS\iploss.wav Environmental IP loss
EXTRAS\lock.wav Locking a door
EXTRAS\mail.wav New mail has arrived (while online only)
EXTRAS\master.wav Player ascends to Master
EXTRAS\methorn.wav Bard instrument, metallic horn
EXTRAS\nathorn.wav Bard instrument, natural horn
EXTRAS\needle.wav Poison needle trap triggered
EXTRAS\negotiate.wav Hire negotiates for more gold
EXTRAS\open.wav Opening door
EXTRAS\pick.wav Attempting to pick door
EXTRAS\pods.wav Pea and pods game
EXTRAS\poison_air.wav Environmental poison damage
EXTRAS\politics.wav Political event
EXTRAS\press.wav Pressing a button
EXTRAS\pressure.wav Environmental pressure damage
EXTRAS\purify.wav Purifying a potion
EXTRAS\rally.wav Pre-war announcement
EXTRAS\rattle.wav Bard instrument, rattle
EXTRAS\repair.wav Player repairing an item
EXTRAS\ride.wav Riding
EXTRAS\scribe.wav Scribing
EXTRAS\shatter.wav Item shattering
EXTRAS\shuffle.wav Ein und zwanzig game
EXTRAS\subdue.wav Successful subdue
EXTRAS\tell.wav Player tell
EXTRAS\train.wav Training
EXTRAS\turn.wav Successful cleric turning undead
EXTRAS\unlock.wav Unlocking a door
EXTRAS\vocalize.wav Bard vocalize
EXTRAS\war_end.wav War ends
EXTRAS\war_start.wav War begins
EXTRAS\warn.wav Inventory overflow warning
EXTRAS\warp.wav Traversing a sequestered room
EXTRAS\whistle.wav Player whistles a tune
EXTRAS\wind.wav Environmental wind damage
EXTRAS\zap.wav Electric shock trap triggered
SPELLS\animal-friendship.wav Animal Friendship spell
SPELLS\animate-shadow.wav Animate Shadow power
SPELLS\aura-reading.wav Aura Reading power
SPELLS\backlash.wav Backlash power
SPELLS\bait.wav Bait bard song
SPELLS\bandage.wav Bandage spell
SPELLS\banish.wav Banish power
SPELLS\blast.wav Blast spell
SPELLS\bless.wav Bless spell
SPELLS\blind.wav Blind spell
SPELLS\breathe-water.wav Breathe Water spell
SPELLS\burn.wav Burn spell
SPELLS\cause-fear.wav Fear spell
SPELLS\cellstrike.wav Cellstrike power
SPELLS\charm.wav Charm spell
SPELLS\clairvoyance.wav Clairvoyance power
SPELLS\coldcone.wav Coldcone spell
SPELLS\confusion.wav Confusion power
SPELLS\conjuration.wav Conjuration spell
SPELLS\courage.wav Courage spell
SPELLS\crush.wav Crush spell
SPELLS\cure-blindness.wav Cure Blindness spell
SPELLS\cure-disease.wav Cure Disease spell
SPELLS\darkness.wav Darkness spell
SPELLS\detect-magic.wav Detect Magic spell
SPELLS\detonate.wav Detonate power
SPELLS\dimensional-blade.wav Dimensional Blade power
SPELLS\discord.wav Discord bard song
SPELLS\drain.wav Drain power
SPELLS\drain-barrier.wav Drain Barrier spell
SPELLS\dream-travel.wav Dream Travel power
SPELLS\enchant-item.wav Enchant Item spell
SPELLS\endure-cold.wav Endure Cold spell
SPELLS\endure-heat.wav Endure Heat spell
SPELLS\esp.wav ESP power
SPELLS\euphony.wav Euphony bard song
SPELLS\firestorm.wav Firestorm spell
SPELLS\flood.wav Flood spell
SPELLS\fly.wav Fly spell
SPELLS\gate.wav Gate power
SPELLS\gird.wav Gird power
SPELLS\glacialstorm.wav Glacialstorm spell
SPELLS\graft-weapon.wav Graft weapon power
SPELLS\haste.wav Haste spell
SPELLS\heal.wav Heal spell
SPELLS\heroism.wav Heroism spell
SPELLS\holy-armor.wav Holy Armor spell
SPELLS\inertial-barrier.wav Inertial Barrier power
SPELLS\inferno.wav Inferno spell
SPELLS\infravision.wav Infravision power
SPELLS\invisibility.wav Invisibility spell
SPELLS\know-alignment.wav Know Alignment power
SPELLS\level-restore.wav Restore drained levels
SPELLS\levitation.wav Levitation power
SPELLS\light.wav Light spell
SPELLS\locate-person.wav Locate Person spell
SPELLS\make-wounds.wav Make Wounds spell
SPELLS\mental-barrier.wav Mental Barrier power
SPELLS\mindblade.wav Mindblade power
SPELLS\mindwipe.wav Mindwipe power
SPELLS\neutralize-poison.wav Neutralize Poison spell
SPELLS\paralyze.wav Paralyze spell
SPELLS\phase.wav Phase power
SPELLS\plague.wav Plague spell
SPELLS\pocket-dimension.wav Pocket Dimension power
SPELLS\psychic-messenger.wav Psychic Messenger power
SPELLS\raze.wav Raze spell
SPELLS\regeneration.wav Regeneration power
SPELLS\remove-confusion.wav Remove Confusion power
SPELLS\remove-curse.wav Remove Curse spell
SPELLS\resist-magic.wav Resist Magic spell
SPELLS\restore.wav Restore spell
SPELLS\safeguard.wav Safeguard spell/power
SPELLS\safepath.wav Safepath power
SPELLS\sandstorm.wav Sandstorm spell
SPELLS\see-invisible.wav See Invisible spell
SPELLS\sequester.wav Sequester spell
SPELLS\shatter.wav Shatter spell
SPELLS\silence.wav Silence spell
SPELLS\siphon.wav Siphon bard song
SPELLS\stoneskin.wav Stoneskin spell
SPELLS\summon.wav Summon spell
SPELLS\teleport.wav Teleport spell
SPELLS\tempest.wav Tempest spell
SPELLS\tesseras-shield.wav Tessera's Shield spell
SPELLS\tongues.wav Tongues spell
SPELLS\true-seeing.wav True Seeing spell
SPELLS\veil.wav Veil spell
SPELLS\vigor.wav IP Vigor spell
SPELLS\vortex.wav Vortex spell
SPELLS\whirlwind.wav Whirlwind spell
SPELLS\wild-drain.wav Wild IP Drain spell
SPELLS\wild-mend.wav Wild Area Mend spell
SPELLS\withdraw.wav Withdraw spell
SPELLS\wither.wav Wither power
SPELLS\wrath-of-bledryn.wav Wrath of Bledryn spell
SPELLS\backlashed.wav Backlash damage
SOCIALS\blink.wav Blink
SOCIALS\bounce.wav Bounce
SOCIALS\burp.wav Burp
SOCIALS\cackle.wav Cackle
SOCIALS\cheer.wav Cheer
SOCIALS\chuckle.wav Chuckle
SOCIALS\clap.wav Clap
SOCIALS\cough.wav Cough
SOCIALS\cringe.wav Cringe
SOCIALS\crt_seduce.wav Seducing a creature
SOCIALS\crt_whistle.wav Whistling at a creature
SOCIALS\cry.wav Cry
SOCIALS\drool.wav Drool
SOCIALS\fart.wav Fart
SOCIALS\flip.wav Flip
SOCIALS\gasp.wav Gasp
SOCIALS\giggle.wav Giggle
SOCIALS\groan.wav Groan
SOCIALS\growl.wav Growl
SOCIALS\grumble.wav Grumble
SOCIALS\grunt.wav Grunt
SOCIALS\hiccup.wav Hiccup
SOCIALS\high5.wav High5
SOCIALS\hiss.wav Hiss
SOCIALS\hug.wav Hug
SOCIALS\kick.wav Kick
SOCIALS\laugh.wav Laugh
SOCIALS\noise.wav Non-bard plays an instrument
SOCIALS\pet_seduce.wav Seducing a ranger companion
SOCIALS\pet_whistle.wav Whistling for an animal
SOCIALS\ply_seduce.wav Seducing a player
SOCIALS\ply_whistle.wav Whistling at a player
SOCIALS\ponder.wav Ponder
SOCIALS\puke.wav Puke
SOCIALS\punch.wav Punch
SOCIALS\purr.wav Purr
SOCIALS\raise.wav Raise eyebrow
SOCIALS\raspberr.wav Raspberry
SOCIALS\rofl.wav Roll on floor laughing
SOCIALS\scratch.wav Scratch head
SOCIALS\scream.wav Scream
SOCIALS\sigh.wav Sigh
SOCIALS\slap.wav Slap
SOCIALS\snap.wav Snap fingers
SOCIALS\snarl.wav Snarl
SOCIALS\sneeze.wav Sneeze
SOCIALS\snicker.wav Snicker
SOCIALS\sniff.wav Sniff
SOCIALS\snore.wav Snore
SOCIALS\snort.wav Snort
SOCIALS\spit.wav Spit
SOCIALS\stomp.wav Stomp
SOCIALS\stretch.wav Stretch
SOCIALS\suck.wav Suck
SOCIALS\tap.wav Tap
SOCIALS\taunt.wav Taunt
SOCIALS\think.wav Think
SOCIALS\toss.wav Toss coin
SOCIALS\twiddle.wav Twiddle fingers
SOCIALS\wave.wav Wave
SOCIALS\whew.wav Sigh with relief
SOCIALS\whine.wav Whine
SOCIALS\yawn.wav Yawn