We are open to the public, and looking for players with a taste for detail. The unique code has been in development for 5 years, and it grows daily. Scenario is consistent and engaging, with creation myths, legends, and hidden knowledge to be found. Nothing is set in stone - we are still testing the balance of classes, and we take suggestions very seriously. We are one of the most stable MUDs you will find.

NEW! Chalacyn now supports sound and background music, see the Sounds page for details and downloads.


* Completely ORIGINAL...rooms, items, monsters, and scenario was developed from scratch. * Unique medieval setting...no anachronisms. * Easy character generation, with detailed help at hand. * 8 classes with crossover abilities available (effectively 14 different classes). * 10 races, many unique to Chalacyn Nights, each with benefits and hinderances. * 8 Stats that you assign values to...no random rolling. * Protected status at lowest levels while you learn to play and friendly mentors to answer questions. * Select between chaotic or lawful...you can kill monsters regardless, but you can avoid the pkill nonsense and arrange duels in the arenas. * 3000 rooms and growing! Explore three coexisting worlds. * Never before published riddles to solve. * Interactive monsters everywhere, who can provide rumors, trades, and quests. * 150+ spells created specifically for Chalacyn Nights. * 30+ Level long-term play...levels are obtained through quests and defeating monsters. * No-rent banking system in addition to items saving on your character. * Randomized items to keep your plunder intriguing and exciting. * Secondary skills awarded gradually, you choose. * Player owned and stocked shops, with clerical support and biweekly taxes. * Politics that players can influence. We do have wars occasionally. * Exploration of dangerous and foreign areas is rewarded by experience gain. * Gambling! Original games with familiar concepts. * Competent admin to assist you always, decisions reached fairly, without bias. * Enforced game policies, the ethics are flexible within reason. * Settable moods for the socially inclined.


* Chalacyn Nights is on a stable FreeBSD system with a T1 link. * 300+ help files with detailed information on commands, spells and topics. * Familiar commands, and 115+ different versatile social commands. * Excellent parser...you rarely need to type anything out. * Personally customizable settings to make your gameplay comfortable. * Spiffy player mail system similar to unix mail. * ANSI color support, used sparingly. NO blinking. * Complete color customization system, set colors how YOU want. * Color correction for ZMUD client users. * Integrated enhancements for Pueblo MUD client. * Custom safety features to counter user-end latency.