Chalacyn Nights Who List

Name Title Class Affiliation Race Alignment
Sear Master of Sages Mage Empyrea Tyrling Chaotic
Flex Huntsman Ranger --- Brahman Chaotic
Bash Conqueror Fighter Telere Brahman Chaotic
Kuvy Huntsman Ranger --- Brahman Lawful
Panacea Cardinal Cleric Belant Tyrling Chaotic
Lishi Outlaw Thief Telere Tyrling Lawful
Psyche Counciliar Psionicist Telere Wivere Lawful
Ocho Predator Assassin Telere Brahman Chaotic
Agni Archmage Mage Empyrea Brahman Chaotic
Iam Conqueror Fighter Telere Brahman Lawful
Heero Conqueror Fighter Empyrea Umbral Chaotic
Patch Cardinal Cleric Belant Tyrling Lawful
Djbard Master of Lyric Bard --- Tyrling Chaotic
Shakira Riddlemaster Bard --- Shikari Chaotic
Valkyrie Master of the Way Cleric Belant Tyrling Chaotic
Root Counciliar Psionicist Telere Wivere Lawful
Undying Huntsman Ranger --- Brahman Chaotic
Quest Master Assassin Assassin Empyrea Umbral Chaotic
Inga Master of the Hunt Ranger --- Tyrling Lawful

There are currently 20 players on Chalacyn Nights right now.
Please note that veiled players are not shown on this list.

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