Chalacyn Nights Who List

Name Title Class Affiliation Race Alignment
Atom Conqueror Fighter Empyrea Wivere Chaotic
Flex Huntsman Ranger --- Brahman Chaotic
Heero Conqueror Fighter Empyrea Umbral Chaotic
Iam Conqueror Fighter Telere Brahman Lawful
Rage Conqueror Fighter Telere Umbral Lawful
Headsman Knight Fighter Telere Umbral Chaotic
Raevinn Bishop Cleric Belant Human Chaotic
Empress Heroine Fighter Empyrea Mara Chaotic
Alysia Huntress Ranger --- Tyrling Chaotic
Yortani Archpriestess Cleric Belant Tyrling Chaotic

There are currently 12 players on Chalacyn Nights right now.
Please note that veiled players are not shown on this list.

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