CONCEPT: Each realm dreams of overpowering the rest and reigning supreme over the Triworld's vast reaches. Some believe that the treacherous Sea of Blood and the southern crown of glaciers can only be conquered in a global effort, and so the opposing powers must be yoked under one banner before cooperation can be achieved. Others see only corruption of spirit in the mysterious abilities of their enemies, desiring to either possess or crush them. Those of common blood can sway the balance as allies, if their numbers are great and their skills are honed. Though a single action is rarely enough to start a war, it can influence the flow of politics, either easing or aggravating tensions between the worlds. Wars erupt after accumulating hostility between worlds, caused by minor or major offenses between members of Belant, Telere and Empyrea.

APPLICATION: War is, for the most part, situational player vs. player combat. The barriers of law and chaos do not apply to the warring factions during this time (not to exceed 30 minutes), but if you are killed by your enemy, you are no longer participating and your lawful or chaotic status returns. There is no tangible loss to you if you are killed by an enemy player during war, but beware that some previously amiable NPCs may be suddenly hostile. No one is forced to participate in wars; you may choose to exclude yourself and still play Chalacyn Nights during wartime. Players have a direct influence on the tensions between worlds, often by helping or harming an NPC of worldly importance.

Note: Wars are meant to be a FUN challenge, testing your skills and teamwork while encouraging role play. If you are sensitive to death by a player or conversely, seeking an opportunity to belittle others, war is not for you and we encourage you to avoid it.