Aerial are beings with hollow cartilage instead of bones, which give them the natural ability to fly without wings. This state of lightness keeps them extremely light of foot. Aerials can wear most armors, but their fragile bodies render armor ineffective at absorbing attacks.
Bonus +2 Dexterity---- Penalty -2 Constitution

Brahman are massive humanoid creatures with green skin. They are very hardy and strong, but they are mentally weak. Due to their size they cannot ride horses or wear most armors, but they can wield very large weapons with just one hand!
Bonuses+2 Strength ----Penalties -2 Intelligence
+2 Constitution -1 Wisdom
-1 Willpower

Dwarves are short slow creatures, but quite hardy. They have a developed language of their own, and have a preference for dark abodes where their low-light vision is superior. Being small, they have a tough time finding armor that fits.
Bonuses +1 Constitution ---- Penalties -2 Dexterity
+1 Strength -1 Intelligence
+1 Willpower

Elves are thin, graceful creatures with pointed ears. Their bodies are somewhat frail, and they may bruise even when wearing thick armor. Because they are typically nimble, elves of any class may attempt to hide in shadows. Elves are naturally endowed with the ability to speak their native language.
Bonuses +2 Dexterity ---- Penalties -2 Constitution
+1 Intelligence -1 Strength

Half-elves are stronger than their elven ancestors, but they are more graceful than humans. They learn the elven language at an early age.
Bonuses +1 Dexterity ---- Penalties -1 Constitution

Half-tigris are not as savage as their Tigris relatives, though they share their ancestors' sharp claws. Their half breed nature makes them more susceptible to poisons, however.
Bonuses +1 Awareness ---- Penalties -1 Wisdom

Humans are well-balanced creatures. They have no bonuses or penalties to their ability scores, but do start with an additional secondary skill. This skill represents a human's ingenuity.

Mara are humanoid females that are very in tune with their minds. This gives them slightly greater influence if affiliated, and resistant to influenced attacks if neutral. However, they do not have the the patience nor the fortitude for long battles, and may on occasion become distracted.
Bonuses +1 Wisdom ---- Penalties -2 Strength
+1 Intelligence -1 Constitution
+1 Willpower

Shikari are ancient kin of tyrlings, a predatory bloodline that thrives on the influence of its dying prey. Influence wielding affiliations view these small hunters with mingled trepidation and amusement, for the very thing that the shikari seeks is also their greatest weakness; they have no natural resistances against affiliated spells and powers and will quickly succumb to such attacks.
Bonuses +1 Strength---- Penalties -1 Constitution
+1 Awareness -1 Dexterity

Tigris are tiger-like humanoids with sharp claws. They are quick and agile, their claws even sharper than some weapons. These standing creatures of prey have their own unwritten language, and can see normally in low light. Due to their natural incapability to sweat, they do not fare well in heat. Their weakened constitution makes them susceptible to disease as well.
Bonuses +2 Awareness ---- Penalties -2 Wisdom
+1 Willpower -1 Constitution

Tyrlings are descendants of dwarves, but slightly taller. They are pensive creatures, with wiry bodies. They are a wild little race, in spirit and in blood, with a heightened metabolism that allows them to heal naturally faster than others. They are, however, quite susceptible to madness and psionics. Many a tyrling has fallen prey to a Telerean.
Bonuses +1 Constitution ---- Penalties -2 Awareness
+1 Dexterity -1 Willpower
+1 Wisdom

Umbral are hulking humanoids with a bad attitude. They take combat quite personally and often become enraged when they lose control of their emotions, causing them to lash out with wild ferocity. Too large to ride a horse, they can bear two-handed weapons in one of their large fists. Umbrals have difficulty finding armor to fit their large bodies.
Bonuses +2 Strength---- Penalties -1 Dexterity
-1 Wisdom

Wivere are large, serpent-like creatures with scales and a long tail. They can easily wield weapons in one hand that would normally require two. They are somewhat slow to move, but their minds are quick. Their blood is poisonous to others, making them immune to venoms. Wivere are extremely tall and heavy, making them unfit for horses and most armor. Their sluggish metabolism causes their bodies to slow in cold climates.
Bonuses +1 Wisdom Penalties -1 Strength
+1 Intelligence -1 Dexterity