This paper serves as the primary doctrine governing player conduct and will be used for the sole means of players to receive insight on actions specifically discouraged and/or considered unethical. Players should keep themselves up to date with game policies and ethics guides. One warning is given before players are rebuked at the admin's discretion, and these policies apply to one and all equally, your level makes no difference. Ignorance of this document is no excuse.

POLICIES (How not to get deleted or banned.)

1. Play at your own risk; there will be no reimbursement of lost experience or items from crashes, lag, line-noise, dropped connections, etc. The chalacyn mud engine is currently deep in development and although stable, it is still in alpha level testing. Chalacyn Nights rests on a fast T1-line so if continuous lag is a problem, contact your internet service provider.

2. To choose a chaotic alignment is to accept the hardships of dying or being stolen from by a player. You take on this responsibility when you create your character. If you find you have made the wrong choice, you can notify a dungeon master or lord and request a switch to lawful. This is a one-way change and cannot be reversed.

3. Simultaneous playing of two or more characters is not permitted at any time. Previously this was allowed, and resulted in easy levels for some while others were left in the dust. Users playing through Wingate or similar proxy servers will be accommodated, please contact a Lord if you have multiple players (not characters) who desire to play simultaneously. Players registered as proxy users who are found abusing their ability to log in more than one character will lose their proxy ability here.

4. Excessive profanity is not necessary nor appreciated. Those insisting on continuous broadcasting of such material will lose their broadcasting ability for the day.

5. Quests are individual exploits and should be treated as such. Solutions to riddles and locations of secret areas are exciting discoveries for every player. Giving away items or information for the express reason of allowing someone to solve a quest without working through it defeats the challenge and deflates the accomplishment. Hints are acceptable, but direct answers don't allow the quester to think for himself. Depriving other players of this enjoyment is simply not allowed.

6. The duplication of items by any method will result in the deletion of your character. There are no exceptions and there are no warnings.

7. Advertising of any diversion beyond the game is not permitted. Chalacyn Nights will not be a bulletin board for other games. Anyone who arrives with the sole intent to harvest players from Chalacyn Nights will find themselves most rudely and promptly terminated. Those who choose to engage the game have made the choice based on personal tastes, and will not be subjected to advertisements for other MUDs, environments or products here.

8. Automated experience point reaping (aka scripts, triggers, robots) quite defeats the purpose of playing the game. Small, helpful triggers such as taking gold are acceptable, but fully independent programs that can be left unattended for hours on end are not. If any admin notices a character to be wholly automated, that character may find himself missing a great deal of experience points, and random things are likely to happen to him. You're here to play the game, so take your time and enjoy yourself.

9. Disputes between shop owners will be evaluated by Calimarr. If required to make a split between partners, his decision is final and may not be appealed to other admin.

10. Sharing characters between players is not allowed. All characters are sole property of the player who created them and may not be used by any other player. Retiring characters level 15 and up are asked to take all items with them; giving away items acquired at such a high level to someone who has not earned them is as unfair as an admin giving items away as tokens of favor.

This is merely a list of the more common ethics regarding player inter- action; it is certainly not exhaustive, as there are countless situations that are generally deemed unacceptable behavior. If you are uncertain about the fairness of an action you are contemplating against another players, ask an admin before you do it, instead of risking consequence. One warning is given before players are rebuked at the admin's discretion, and these ethics apply to one and all equally, your level and/or title makes no difference. Repeat offenders will have no warnings.

ETHICS (How not to be penalized levels, gold or your character.)

1. Direct, intentional responsibility for another player's death to a monster is just plain rude. It takes away the time someone else has put into their character, and is guaranteed to upset them. Perpetrators are quite likely to suffer the same fate.

2. Continuous chaotic player killing and/or excessive stealing only leads to hurt feelings and hot tempers. The chaotic alignment was created in order to add an element of fun, challenge, and excitement---not to belittle others.

3. Excessive use of one's power to allow easy levels for someone else is not in the spirit of the game. Often termed "power leveling," this practice is unfair to the competitors in your class and causes resentment towards both parties involved.

4. Leading monsters away from their usual location with intent to frighten or kill other players is discouraged. Please remember that players work hard to rise in levels; you may inadvertently lose your own life in this exploit.

5. Summoning players to their deaths is not a principled act. The safeguard spell was created solely to prevent such abuse of the power and should be employed at all times by players who believe they may become victims of this type of attack.

6. Teleporting players can jeopardize your target's life. Cruel and continuous abuse of the spell is guaranteed to anger players. Again, the safeguard spell prevents this.

7. The practice of "taking-all" when someone else has done the labor for the items is annoying and discourteous. Players work hard for the rewards and should be entitled to them.

8. Abuse of the emote command will result in the permanent loss of your ability to emote.

The tendency toward any or all of these actions does not lend toward the social atmosphere Chalacyn Nights tries to establish. Players who use such tactics may find themselves without companions for adventuring. They may also become subject to some of the very same actions they have been abusing themselves.

Copyright 1998, Kaye Anfield