Popup Room Titles

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The Lords' Arena The Opera House Bards' College (bards' training) Datchas' Grand Enterprise (shop) The Looking Glass Mail Courier (mail) The Musician's Source (shop) Jakol's Service Center (repair) Krell's Wards & Talismans (shop) Accessories, Unlimited (shop) Office of Tourism Trina's House of Pleasure Jenn's Restaurant Jenn's Inn Hay Barn Chalacyn Alchemist (shop) Chamber of Restoration (heal) Blackford Armorer (medium armor) The Velvet Mantle (shop) House of Turrey The Lighter Load (pawn) Gerald's Fine Jewelry (shop) Markin Tempered Steel (shop) Dwarven Home Human Home Angus Repair Center (repair) Amber Residence Brahman Outfitters (large armor) Bath House Tarawn's Temple Mail Courier (mail) Hall of Annals Emergency Care Center (heal) Office of Affairs The Glyph Master Eli Residence The Classy Tiger The High Wager (gamble) The Needle The Keep of the Sovereign Acristan Drugerie (shop) House of Trang Romi Outfitters (small armor) Gelting Generalities (shop) Tradesmen's League House of Acrist Angus' Traditional Defense (shop) Lumberyard Woodworks Grant Room Tools of the Traders (shop) Quiksilver Blades (shop) Tessera's Sanctuary (heal) Special Effects (shop) Griffoneer Cobbling (shop) Lophet Manor Pawn Center (pawn) Guild of the Dirk (assassins' training) Relics of the Rogue (player shop) Gail's Potions & Paraphernalia (shop) The Elven End (player shop) Anita's Robes & Gowns (shop) Trades, Limited (shop) Jake's Wares (shop) Rare & Wondrous Oddities (shop) Artful Staves (shop) The Greater Cause (donation center) Public Fairgrounds Ticket Stand Fuldan Stationer (shop) Emporium of the Shadowed Fist (player shop) The Lyricist (player shop) Fanciful Creations (shop) Leather Tanner (shop) Spice Market (shop) Betting Room (gamble) Librarian's Chambers Chalacyn Library School of Oratory The Serpent's Tongue Guild of Silence (thieves' training) Bellipheron Notary Fond Familiars Silver Rune (player shop) Protectors' Headquarters Protectors' Residences Protectors' Residences Mess Hall Orphia Citadel, Belantian Sector (clerics' training) Orphia Citadel, Empyrean Sector (mages' training) Orphia Citadel, Telerean Sector (psionicists' training) School of Knaves Hall of Mirrors Gambling Hall (gamble) Unknown Odyssey Merry Bard Pub Ruskin's Ladies Chalacyn Treasury Bektor's Meditation Chamber (heal) Chalacyn Tailoring (shop) House of Redston Wellsin House Concord Building, Empyrean Sector Concord Building, Telerean Sector Concord Building, Belantian Sector Gradus Square The Brawling Pit The Pledgling (gamble) Heavy Spirits Bar Pink Satin Brothel Verra Arena Beast Cells Observation Stands Rats Nest Inn Watery Eye Tavern The Verra River The Pool of Souls The Glass Shoppe Dyer's Corner (shop) Guild of the Fist (fighters' training) Angrendor Bank Mozheimer's Elixirs (shop) Mozheimer's Tower Quester's Guild (shop) Chalacyn Cemetery The Decent Deal (pawn) Wenzid's Used Goods (dump) Massage Parlor (heal) Millar General Store (shop) Glass Shoppe (shop) Construction Site Running River Inn Eastend Dump (pawn) Gantman's Contracting Eastend Stable Kaytawn's Docks Madame Vista's Emporium Akron's Armory Running River Inn Running River Quiet Room (heal) Rudarr's Finest (shop) Leather Workshop (shop) Eastend Courier (mail) Giller's Emporium Kirith's Tears Calindran's Hired Guards Ehrlu's Exotics Carte Archaios Murderers' Market (player shop) Curing Yard Endisson and Sons Curers (shop) Vacant Shop Hejern's Warehouse Academy of Smithing Farmer's Apprenticeship Seaward Bound Fisherman's Market Chalacyn Sanitat Cleansing Tanks The Old Watchtower Grain Silos Tarawn's Treasures (player shop) Black Blade Tavern Chalacyn Stables (ride) Traveller's Emporium (shop) Manager's Office Mercenary's Hall Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Taral's Reclamation (dump) West End Circle Private Home Private Home Private Home Bellipheron Road Lenkview Drive Walk of Ages Fuldan Route Tessera Way Santillan Way Blackford Street Hathora Lane Verran Passage Daemon's Alley Griffoneer Road Blackford Street Linnet Walk Hathora Lane Rostock Lane Gateham Street Linnet Walk Linnet Walk Linnet Walk Linnet Walk Lenkview Drive Phaerlun Street Tarawn Way Scintilla Way Zephyr Lane Caiman Road Dusty Lane Bellipheron Road Walk of Ages Ereglin Street Manibar Street Santillan Way Angrendor Way Collier Thoroughfare