Chalacyn is the largest neutral city of the Triworld, nestled between Telere and Belant with a valuable Verran waterway flowing through its middle. A great deal of traffic flows through this merchant's city, involved in affairs ranging from the righteous to the illicit. Instead of entering the Triworld within your chosen world's boundaries, you begin your adventure in this pivotal center, which poses far less dangers than the bellicose regions beyond.

The Triworld itself is a curious shape; three spheres yoked together, separated by a gap in the middle. All known land is gathered toward that gap, with the Sea of Blood occupying the rest of the form. Because of its odd shape, the Triworld knows nothing of changing seasons. The weather patterns remain common to their location, with occasional precipitation. For the most part, the land is of moderate climate, with little rain, and very fertile soil. To the south of Chalacyn is the tremendous Gletscher Range, a mountainous ridge of eternal winter that spans each globe.