Total Characters: 2771

Chalacyn's Most Devoted

# Name Title Class Affiliation
1 Emmi Master of Arms Fighter Belant
2 Flex Huntsman Ranger Neutral
3 Sunroc Conqueror Fighter Belant
4 Inga Master of the Hunt Ranger Neutral
5 Healing Cardinal Cleric Belant
6 Patch Cardinal Cleric Belant
7 Valkyrie Master of the Way Cleric Belant
8 Asphyxiation Master of the Order Psionicist Telere
9 Hugugly Bladesinger Bard Neutral
10 Iam Conqueror Fighter Telere
11 Coldsmoke Conqueror Fighter Telere
12 Sunstorm Counciliar Psionicist Telere
13 Adrenaline Conqueror Fighter Belant
14 Ejmoney Master of Rogues Thief Telere
15 Karios Huntsman Ranger Vrace
16 Tzadkiel Master Thief Thief Telere
17 Salvarak Conqueror Fighter Empyrea
18 Attar Huntsman Ranger Neutral
19 Rocket Huntsman Ranger Neutral
20 Rage Conqueror Fighter Telere

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